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Dr. Andrew Friedman provides the highest quality, compassionate plastic surgery care.

Dr. Andrew Friedman

Dr. Andrew Friedman is an experienced plastic surgeon with nearly 30 years of practice in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Dr. Friedman enjoys practicing the full scope of plastic surgery and specializes in all body procedures, including cosmetic and reconstructive breast, abdominal surgery, liposuction, and facial rejuvenation. Throughout his career, he’s been driven by a singular motivation: achieving high-quality outcomes for his patients.
He began his career at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, teaching residents while treating complex injuries, and establishing his expertise in cosmetic, reconstructive, and hand surgery. He also became a proud member of the U.S. Army, joining the reserves while still a resident, before pursuing an active-duty career. His military service saw him treat the traumatic wounds that service members suffered in combat, as well as the reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery needs of soldiers, their families, and those retired from the service. He served three tours as a combat surgeon and leader in Iraq, and Afghanistan, as well as a two-year deployment to South Korea as the senior physician for all Army and US service members stationed in the country.
His proudest role is that of a husband to Kay and father of four boys and four girls. He enjoys staying physically active and has gone on multiple cross-country bike rides.

Vision and Approach
Dr. Friedman’s Vision: Patient satisfaction, improved function, heightened patient self-confidence.
Dr. Friedman’s Approach: Take the time to listen to patients' concerns and give realistic guidance and advice. If Dr. Friedman feels he can improve a patient’s situation, he will tell them, but will not operate if he feels they will not benefit.

Professional Affiliations
American Society of Plastic Surgeons
American Society for Surgery of the Hand
American College of Surgeons
Association of Military of Surgeons of the U.S.

Board Certified: American Board of Surgery (General Surgery)
Board Certified: American Board of Plastic Surgery (Plastic Surgery)
Board Certified: American Board of Plastic Surgery (Hand Surgery)
Medical License in Texas, Nebraska
Drug Enforcement Agency License
National Board of Medical Examiners certification
Fellow, American College of Surgeons

Case Western Reserve University, Residency in Plastic Surgery
University of Pittsburgh, Fellowship in Hand and Microsurgery
State University of NY at Buffalo, Residency in General Surgery
State University of NY at Buffalo, Doctor of Medicine
Army War College, Master of Strategic Studies
University of Pennsylvania, Bachelor of Arts


  • 28 years of plastic surgery practice

  • Associate Professor Chemistry and Life Science and Anatomy Course Director, United States Military Academy at West Point

  • Associate Professor Surgery, Resident and Medical Student instructor, Researcher, University of Nebraska Medical Center

  • Combat Surgeon in Iraq, Afghanistan wars

  • 8th Army and United State Forces Korea Command Surgeon General, Responsible for the health of US Services members and their families stationed in South Korea (2 years)

  • Senior leadership positions in the US Army Medical Department

  • Senior Plastic Surgeon in the US Army, Plastic Surgery consultant to Army Surgeon General (4 years)

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