Labiaplasty – Surgery Details

Many women desire having both their labia minora and their labia majora reduced surgically at the same time. If the patient is looking for total symmetry of the vulva, this is the best option. It is important for the surgeon to explain that when one area is reduced it may accentuate the other, so there should be a full discussion with the patient regarding symmetry and relative appearance of one structure to another.

There is generally a price consideration and discount when both procedures are combined versus doing them separately and individually.

Recovery may take longer with the combined procedure but most women are very pleased with the outcome.

Labiaplasty Surgeon – Choosing the Right Surgeon:


Choosing a surgeon is always difficult but it is especially daunting when one is considering cosmetic vaginal surgery.  The key to choosing a great labiaplasty surgeon is understanding what attributes are important to achieve great cosmetic surgical results.  


Choose a surgeon with experience, expertise, the appropriate training, great listening and communication skills and one who can achieve fantastic results.


At Texas Plastic Surgery, Dr. Friedman has 30 years’ experience in Labiaplasty and body cosmetic surgery.


Labiaplasty Recovery – How Long and is it Painful:



Surgery of the labia minora and the labia majora usually requires 6 to 8 weeks for full recovery. Full recovery usually entails a return to normal sexual activity without pain or mild discomfort. Results vary among patients, but most women experience no further pain or discomfort from physical activity or sitting at a desk for prolonged periods.


Sexual activity resumes once healing is complete and there is no discomfort on examination.


Labiaplasty Risks:


As with any surgery, the risks include infection, bleeding, and sutures opening. Recovery instructions and any prescriptions will be prescribed and sent home with all patients.


Labiaplasty Costs:


Labiaplasty surgery costs vary. Without a physical and or virtual consultation, an accurate estimate is not possible. However, the average range for a typical labiaplasty is between $3500 and $5500.

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