Getting a Breast Lift

Breasts can be affected by many different things during the course of our lifetime, including weight gain, weight loss, and of course, falling pregnant and nursing a child. The stretching and shrinking of breast tissue can leave many people feeling unhappy with the way that their breasts look as they get older. One of the biggest issues faced by many is sagging. Skin loses some of its natural elasticity as we age, and this, combined with the effects of gravity, means that some drooping and sagging of the breast tissue is to be expected. The larger your breasts are, the heavier they will be and the more likely to sag. Many women feel that this appearance makes them look older than they really are. 


Fortunately, there’s no need to live with sagging breast tissue. A breast lift procedure can reposition your breasts higher, creating greater fullness and a more youthful appearance. Here’s what you need to know about getting a breast lift. 


What Makes Someone a Good Candidate For a Breast Lift?


Not everyone with sagging breasts is automatically a good candidate for a breast lift procedure. You’ll need to attend a consultation appointment with your chosen surgeon to assess the shape, size, and appearance of your breasts, your general health, and your reasons for wanting surgery before you can be signed off as a good candidate for the procedure. 


Typically, someone who is a good candidate for a breast lift has:


  • Breasts that have lost their natural shape and lack volume

  • Nipples that fall below the creases of their breasts

  • Nipples that point downwards

  • Stretched areolas which are disproportionate to the size and shape of their breasts

  • One breast that falls lower than the other


If you are planning on having children in the future, you should be made aware that breast lift surgery could potentially compromise your ability to breastfeed. Any pregnancy or nursing could also alter the shape and size of your breasts. Some patients are recommended to wait until they have finished having children before undergoing the surgery.


Different Breast Lift Techniques


Many people are surprised to learn that there are several different breast lift techniques and which you’ll be offered will depend on the severity of the sagging you have. However, all are performed using a general anesthetic meaning you will be asleep during your procedure.


A donut lift is the recommended technique for patients with mild to moderate sagging. In this lift, the only incision is made around the areola, making it easier to hide any scarring. 


A lollipop lift is the most common technique and takes its name from the incisions, which are around the areola and down to the inframammary fold, resembling a lollipop. It’s recommended for people with moderate sagging.


An anchor lift requires a further incision along the inframammary fold, turning the lollipop shape into one resembling an anchor. This technique enables complete reshaping, meaning it is recommended for patients with very large, pendulous breasts. 


Taking Time to Recover After a Breast Lift


Breast lift surgery is a major procedure, and you’ll need to allow yourself plenty of time to recover. Your surgeon will be able to advise you how long you will need to take off of work, but it’s likely to be up to 8 weeks before you start to feel back to normal. You’ll be given specific instructions to follow during your recovery, including taking pain medications, keeping your dressings clean, and wearing your compression garment, which will help keep swelling under control while your incisions heal. It’s important that you follow the guidance you are given as it will minimize your risk of experiencing complications and will help ensure the best possible cosmetic outcome. 



If you have questions about getting a breast lift or scheduling your consultation, please speak to our knowledgeable and discreet cosmetic surgery team in San Antonio, TX.

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